Counter Culture, Vero Beach, FL

Counter Culture, Vero Beach, FL

Counter Culture is a wonderful surprise in Vero Beach, FL. The cafe itself is small but bright & airy, well decorated, and happily owned by an energetic, friendly, interesting couple (Chefs Anthony & Lisa Damiano) who have traveled the US extensively, owning restaurants or working for top tier restaurants along the way.

The menu is packed with interesting combinations using healthy & fresh foods. With the chef owner in house, it’s easy to have something modified for your needs.

Not everything is vegan so request your items carefully. The staff might not be knowledgeable about what is vegan, so bel super clear, and ask for the chef if necessary. They are super accommodating, but veganism is not popular yet in the area & not everyone knows what’s what.

Must try: The Bahn Mi, the unsweetened teas on tap, the Go Green & Bright Eyes Elixir Shakes, a chat with the chefs, and dining in the super small outdoor seating out back.

Counter Culture

Counter Culture sandwhich

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