Memorial Park – Jacksonville, FL

Memorial Park Jodi selfie

Memorial Park in Jacksonville, FL  – ‘The perfect place for a picnic since 1924’ according to their website!

This park is a lovely spot to find some sun, some shade, some grounding in the grass. It overlooks a river, has a walkway around it, and is ideal for meditation, walking, napping, picnics, playing.

Memorial Park was established in honor of the 1,200 Florida men and women who lost their lives in the service during World War I.

Memorial Park is located at 1620 Riverside Avenue, between Margaret Street and Memorial Park Drive in Riverside near the 5 Points area of Jacksonville, Florida.

It is located pretty close to Sweet Theory (1.1 miles), so I highly recommend grabbing some treats from there, throwing out your picnic blanket (you have one in your car, right?) and lounging at the park to much on your food!

There is free parking along the side street bordering the park. I saw lots of dogs, kids, bikes. It has a very beautiful sculpture at the front of the park. I found it very relaxing!


Memorial Park Jodi selfie
Park Selfie!

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