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Satsuma Cafe tofu scramble 2

Satsuma Cafe is an artsy, eclectic coffee shop and cafe in the Bywater area of New Orleans (they have a second location which I did not visit). They have a creative menu serving breakfast and lunch, with several vegan options, a lot of great fresh squeezed organicĀ juices, great tea choices and fair trade coffee.

They are open every day, but only till 5, so get there early!

You’ll findĀ outside seating in the front of the cafe, and there’s also a larger section on a side patio.

The staff is friendly in a big-city way, so be extra nice to them and they’ll be extra nice back (at least this seems true to me). The staff seemed very knowledgeable about vegan items. (Not everything is vegan so order carefully and clearly.)

Art is everywhere and the people-watching is superb. This is definitely a hipster hangout, which in New Orleans means lots of interesting people coming and going. But there were all kinds of people, which tells me I’m in the right place. The neighborhood is very diverse (and very charming in a New Orleans kinda way).

There is one single restroom but I never had to wait long for it.

This is a great spot to work! Come early to get connected to the WiFi, as it will be unavailable at peak times (they have signs informing you of this). I switched to my hotspot when necessary, but found their speeds to be pretty good (and once I was on, I didn’t get kicked off or hit super slow speeds).

Their philosophy: “…to make great food with fresh ingredients in a community-based environment.” They have been open since 2009, using fresh, local, organic ingredients without preservatives or additives.

Must have: The Green Drink juice & Tofu Scramble (ask for it vegan style!)

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Satsuma Cafe tofu scramble 2

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