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Green Goddess is a quirky little restaurant in New Orleans that has vegan options clearly marked on the menu. The indoor seating is small and, again, quirky; there’s a dining room in the back (which I didn’t know about until I tried to find the restroom) and a small one in the front (the front dining room is pictured below, where you can see the kitchen).

If the weather is nice, the outdoor seating on Exchange Alley is the place to be (pictured below). This is one of those cute little alleyway-street things with only pedestrian traffic. There are shops lining the street and plenty of New Orleans charm.

The menu is totally eclectic; this is not traditional New Orleans fare. They blend tastes from all over the world to create a unique gathering of offerings. I was honestly super surprised they offered vegan options!

The servers were friendly and knowledgeable (and when they weren’t, the kitchen staff WAS). I had the Lemongrass Tofu Poboy (what?!) and it was delicious. Yes, ask if the aioli is vegan. My server recommended the roasted fingerling potato salad (vegan) and it was the perfect pairing.

They didn’t have any vegan dessert offerings at my visit, so of course that would be my number one recommendation. 😉

Chef Paul Artigues (born and raised in New Orleans) has a nice bio and super cute pic HERE on their website. Look how friendly his face is! I didn’t get to meet him unfortunately.

The website says the menu changes regularly, but that vegan options are always present.

Things to note: They are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. No dress code, this place is very casual. Come as you are. They do not take reservations. Someone there has a sense of humor (which I really appreciate) as demonstrated in the FAQ section of the website.

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