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Juicy Ladies is an amazing, all-organic juice bar in Woodland Hills, CA. They specialize in real nutrition and while they are not all-vegan (close, though!), they cater to vegans with a knowledgeable staff and clearly labeled menu.

I had a vegan omelette (what?! – I don’t think I have ever had a vegan omelette) made from fermented soy milk (I think). Whatever was in it, it was DELICIOUS. Most mouthwatering omelette I have ever had.

I also had the Chai Immune Tea; an oat milk chai latte which was INSANE. It was soft, flavorful but not bitey, it was indescribable. I also had some sips of the Healers Hot Chocolate – heaven. Again, made with oat milk and a gentle, warming flavor. Neither were too sweet, too spicy, too anything. They were perfection.

They have a plethora of delicious sounding vegan items on the menu; I wish I had been in town long enough to try everything!

The location has counter service, and then a friendly person brings items to you as the become ready.

They have indoor seating, some counter seating at the juice bar, and then lovely outdoor seating with umbrellas. Any time I get to sit outside (and be warm) I am happy, so I loved this option.

Juicy Ladies was formed in 2009 by two moms to bring awareness to a healthy organic way of life. The ingredients in the food and juices are 100% organic and are sourced from top local farms.

They feature lots of juices and smoothies that sound amazing (I didn’t have any juice this visit). They also offer plenty of cleanse programs if you are into that sort of thing.

They also offer vegan desserts (my fave!) so I certainly approve of that. 😉

They also offer catering, which can be incredibly difficult to find in the healthy food arena, much less vegan!

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