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I stumbled upon zpizza in Palm Dessert, CA while my Dad & are were cruising the art galleries. At lunch time, I became concerned that there would be few vegan options for me. We just happened upon zpizza, and they had a VEGAN PIZZA! Like a pizza, specifically, that’s vegan. Not a pizza without cheese and meat, but a WHOLE pizza. Vegan cheeze and all. SO HAPPY!

So that’s what I got, The Berkeley Vegan, exactly as it was offered: housemade marinara sauce, daiya™ vegan cheese, gardein™ vegan sausage, roasted zucchini, roma tomatoes, mushrooms, red onions, bell peppers.

They have a personal size which was perfect. I probably didn’t need to eat the whole thing, but we were driving for a few hours after, so, alas, I made it happen. 😉

They don’t have any other as-is vegan items, but they do offer salads, a veggie sandwich, and a hummus plate, all which could probably be made vegan. And they have this super handy section on the FAQ page that tells you exactly how to do it! THANK YOU! Check this page to see all your vegan options!

I’m not sure how aware the staff will be at these locations about veganism. But, they have a vegan pizza, which tells me that SOMEONE knows something about it. And you can stand there and watch what they put on it, so it seems relatively safe.

zpizza seems to be a little chain, founded in the art colony of Laguna Beach, California, and now with locations in California and a few other (seemingly) random locations (Minnesota, Virginia, Ohio…).

One thing I love about the company is the Community section of their website, where they lay out their programs that support kids and fundraising. From that page: ‘We donate funds, food and time to promote character development, sound nutrition and access to education for all kids.’ BOOM. YES.

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