About Mindful Destinations

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Welcome to Mindful Destinations: a mindful vegan travel blog inspired by the travels of chief yogi-blogger-in-charge, me! (Jodi Geoghan).

I am a yoga teacher, runner, yoga teacher trainer, leggings dealer, change-making holistic health coach, and a wanderlust-driven vegan food lover. Often accused of being an Insta-Vegan (someone who won’t let anyone eat until they’ve photographed the food and posted it to Instagram), I’m thrilled to bring you details, recommendations, reviews and photos of all things vegan & mindful as I travel around the USA.

My passion lies in relationships and community. I love to meet other travelers, business owners, yogis & vegans and connect over a meal, over a cup of tea, over a business strategy session or brainstorm, during a run. If you have a restaurant, cafe, yoga studio, vegan salon or spa, hotel or resort with mindful aspects, I’d love to meet you! Shoot me an email!

Much love & gratitude. I’m glad you are here. See you out there soon!

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