zpizza – California & more


I stumbled upon zpizza in Palm Dessert, CA while my Dad & are were cruising the art galleries. At lunch time, I became concerned that there would be few vegan options for me. We just happened upon zpizza, and they had a VEGAN PIZZA! Like a pizza, specifically, that’s vegan. Not a pizza without cheese […]

Juicy Ladies – Los Angeles, CA


Juicy Ladies is an amazing, all-organic juice bar in Woodland Hills, CA. They specialize in real nutrition and while they are not all-vegan (close, though!), they cater to vegans with a knowledgeable staff and clearly labeled menu. I had a vegan omelette (what?! – I don’t think I have ever had a vegan omelette) made […]

Green Goddess – New Orleans, LA


Green Goddess is a quirky little restaurant in New Orleans that has vegan options clearly marked on the menu. The indoor seating is small and, again, quirky; there’s a dining room in the back (which I didn’t know about until I tried to find the restroom) and a small one in the front (the front dining […]

Jiva Yoga Center – Hilton Head, SC

Jiva Yoga Soul SUP mugs

I really enjoyed my class at Jiva Yoga Center on Hilton Head. It was a Slow Flow Deep Stretch class, which is exactly what I needed after running a half marathon the day before. The class was heated, and the slow flow part was challenging, and sweat did in fact happen. But the deep stretch […]

Forsyth Park – Savannah, GA

Forsyth Park fountain

Forsyth Park might be my favorite city park, ever. It is huge (30 acres). There’s a sidewalk that runs around the outer edge of the entire thing, which I believe is just about 1 mile around (you’ll see many joggers and walkers here). There’s sidewalks that run up the center, where at one point you’ll […]

Sweet Theory – Jacksonville, FL

Sweet Theory 9

Sweet Theory is an AMAZING bakery in Jacksonville, Fl. They specialize in being allergy friendly, so no eggs, dairy, soy or peanuts. EVERYTHING is vegan! Lots of gluten free items, too, if you are looking for that. The place is cute and sort of small, and apparently very popular. There was a line when we […]

Satsuma Cafe – New Orleans, LA

Satsuma Cafe tofu scramble 2

Satsuma Cafe is an artsy, eclectic coffee shop and cafe in the Bywater area of New Orleans (they have a second location which I did not visit). They have a creative menu serving breakfast and lunch, with several vegan options, a lot of great fresh squeezed organic juices, great tea choices and fair trade coffee. They […]

Memorial Park – Jacksonville, FL

Memorial Park Jodi selfie

Memorial Park in Jacksonville, FL  – ‘The perfect place for a picnic since 1924’ according to their website! This park is a lovely spot to find some sun, some shade, some grounding in the grass. It overlooks a river, has a walkway around it, and is ideal for meditation, walking, napping, picnics, playing. Memorial Park was […]