Living Yoga – Vero Beach, FL

Living Yoga Elise (owner) & Jodi

Living Yoga Studio is a sweet little studio tucked away in Vero Beach, FL. They have a nice mix of classes & some really great teachers. Elise, the owner, is a truly kind, bright light, with a very gentle and welcoming way. Her Yoga for Runners (Yin/Restorative) is one of my faves. Also, Integrated Flow with Bob […]

Planet Yum – Vero Beach, FL

Planet Yum logo

Planet Yum is very hard to find at first! Around the corner (side entrance) from it’s street address, it’s completely elusive initially. They don’t have a ton of fresh food (yet… that might be changing!) but the stuff they do have is delicious, vegan, and the place is family owned. The owner is the man […]

Counter Culture, Vero Beach, FL

Counter Culture, Vero Beach, FL

Counter Culture is a wonderful surprise in Vero Beach, FL. The cafe itself is small but bright & airy, well decorated, and happily owned by an energetic, friendly, interesting couple (Chefs Anthony & Lisa Damiano) who have traveled the US extensively, owning restaurants or working for top tier restaurants along the way. The menu is packed with […]